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Part-time Forex trader Mark Boardman

Hi. I am Forex trader Mark Boardman. I trade Forex three days a week and for a couple of  hours each day and I make consistent profits. I have now been trading profitably for three and a half years, and I make enough money to get by. I am not wealthy, and I do not earn a fortune from trading, but I can earn a living part-time because three and a half years ago I completely reset my expectations about what I can achieve as a Forex trader. I no longer believe that I can get rich trading, or that I can double my money overnight. I now accept that only a modest income can be made and that consistent hard work makes that possible. So please read on if you are prepared to accept that trading Forex is something that requires hard work and commitment. There are no silver bullets. There is no Forex holy grail that makes money automatically……becoming a consistently profitable trader requires skill, and a skill cannot be acquired overnight…..still interested?…then let me explain more about what I do and how I do it.

I trade with the aid of two free indicators PLUS two Forex  indicators that I have designed myself. I don’t have any other software and I use Metatrader 4 ( or MT4 as it is commonly known) which is a FREE platform. So apart from the two Forex  indicators I designed and paid for myself  I have no other costs.

I use a Forex trading system which works on all time frames. The system uses a combination of horizontal support and resistances lines and a currency strength indicator to highlight the more probable trading opportunities. It is based on the principle that ”repeating price patterns” occur every day in all currency pairs. Finding and then exploiting these price patterns( or price action) gives me a mathematical ”edge”. I often refer to my trading system as a ”mathematical game” that I play with the market.

A PROVEN Forex Trading System

In my  Forex trading rooms all my trades are demonstrated LIVE in the market and the trades are recorded on a spreadsheet. I then send all my subscribers the recorded videos of  my live trading rooms and the spread sheet….so there is nowhere for me to hide….my system is open to scrutiny. All the trades I demonstrate can be checked and double checked by my subscribers….if you want to check out my track record since October 16th 2013 then go here for more details:

Forex Trades demonstrated since October 16th 2013….this will be available soon!

I am not aware of any Forex trader, or Forex trading service that matches what I offer. Nobody else sends out recorded videos and spread sheets every week, with full details of the trades demonstrated LIVE in the market. I am very proud of what I do and I hope this gives you confidence in me, even if you have never heard of me before’

Just before I go any further…..

I hope you find my website interesting and informative, but before you read any further I just want to clear a few things up:

If you have read my Amazon best-selling book ”The Forex Set & Forget Profit System” you will have seen many references to my trading rooms. I plug the trading rooms a lot!! I do so because I believe passionately that my Forex trading system can only be learned in a LIVE environment. No book or written Forex course could do it justice….I want to help as many traders as possible to become better and more consistently profitable traders, and given the fact that most Forex traders have a day job and cannot make the LIVE trading rooms…I decided to record them all, and then send the videos of the trading rooms out within 24 hours of each room. That way all my subscribers are either in the LIVE trading rooms, or watching them on video a day or so later….so they get a really good ”feel” for the Forex trades I am demonstrating. In my opinion this is the best and quickest way to learn a trading system….to see it demonstrated live in the markets here and now, so that you can look at your own charts and see when and, most importantly, why the trades were taken.

I created this website and my Forex trading room service partly because I spent five years trading unsuccessfully and I fell for all the sales techniques that swamp the Forex trading industry….and I am a little annoyed…..annoyed with myself.

I am annoyed because now I know what I know, I feel that I spent too much of my time and money being seduced by software, reading lots of books and paying so called ‘’trading gurus’’. I spent a small fortune over five years, and didn’t have a single full year of profit.

Now I do make profit, and I don’t use any of the software I bought, or the advice I got from the gurus….apart from one.

Just over three years ago I was lucky enough to meet and become friends with a professional trader called Anna Coulling. She convinced me to go back to basics and look at the Forex market as a creature of habit, and one that, just as with any habit, exhibits similar ”behavior” every day. She explained that currencies ”behave” in a similar way in all time scales, and this is manifested as ”repeating price patterns” that occur in 1 minute charts and monthly charts, and every chart in between.

So with Anna’s help I started again from scratch and learned to ”read” the currency charts. I learned how to spot the ”repeating price patterns” that are produced consistently in all currency pairs.

Since I undertook that process I have been profitable, so much so that I quit my job and I now trade part time and make enough money to get by. I simply ‘’read the charts’’ and make money by waiting for specific price patterns to occur.

If you download the first 8 chapters of my book The Forex ”Set & Forget” Profit System you will learn more about why I believe that having the skill to ”read charts” is the single most important factor in a traders ability to make money.

So as I say I am here to sell you one thing, which is  my ”chart reading education” which you get in my LIVE Members Trading Rooms.

In  my LIVE trading rooms I teach Forex traders the art of ”chart reading” by demonstrating LIVE trades three times a week.

Free LIVE Forex Trading Room

If you would like to sample a live trading room then you can request a space in my next LIVE and FREE Forex Trading Room by entering your name and e mail in the form at the top right of this page. If there are any spaces left you will be redirected to a page with a registration link and the date of the next free trading room.


The next FREE Forex Trading Room is on Monday 9th December 2013 at 2 p.m UK time, which is 9 a.m New York time.

5 years of Forex trading frustration

As I said earlier I decided to start my trading rooms out of a feeling of anger and frustration. I have been trading for around 8 and a half years now, but I had 5 years of frustration where I traded without making consistent profits.

During that 5 year period I spent over £30,000 on various trading software programs. I also invested in numerous trading courses and bought 34 books about trading( some of which you can see behind me on my bookshelf in the video above.) However I could not find the Holy Grail. I could not make money every month. I had some good runs. The best one was four months of profit back to back…but that was swiftly followed by two months of big losses.

No matter what I did or how much I spent I simply could not make money consistently.

However, as I said earlier that changed when I met and became friends with professional trader and best selling author Anna Coulling.  Anna showed me how to analyse charts properly…without software. It took me a few months of hard work but I eventually started to ‘’see’’ the trading opportunities. The trades started to ‘’present themselves’’ to me.

Over time I became more profitable, and after 6 full months of successful trading I then started to develop my own Forex trading system.

I have been trading with the system for the last three and a half years and have been consistently profitable. I still get losing weeks, and plenty of losing days, but on average I have made enough money each year to trade part time and get by.

Given  the ‘’hell’’ I went through for 5 years, making no money and spending thousands of hours getting nowhere, I decided to run my live trading rooms to try to help other traders who are frustrated. I want to stop you going through the process I went through.I get a tremendous amount of pleasure from seeing other traders reach their goals, so request a space in the next FREE trading room and have a look at what I do…my trading system may work for you.

Don’t believe the hype in the Forex market

I feel passionate about the amount of miss-selling that occurs in the world of trading, especially Forex trading.

How many software companies show you how to make money with their software? The two biggest trading software companies in the world don’t. I have both pieces of software and the companies that sell them also sell hundreds of ‘  indicators, training books and videos….but they DO NOT show you how to trade successfully.

How many Forex websites  give you the impression that you are going to make a lot money VERY QUICKLY with their product?

In my opinion, nobody should be suggesting that you can make money easily in this business, yet almost everybody does that. They are happy to take thousands of dollars off you by selling you the ‘’dream’’. It happened to me. I fell for the sales pitches….but the ”dream” did not materialize.

Please take it from me. There is no ‘’Get Rich Quick’’ scheme in Forex. It does not exist.

You can make money….a lot of money, but it takes work and patience, and from my experience you simply have to be able to ‘’read’’ the charts, which you can only do if you get rid of all the software and use a handful of simple indicators.

This may sound like a contradiction but trading Forex is not complex. I found success by sticking to some simple rules…however….sticking to simple rules is not easy. So…whilst trading Forex is not complex…neither is it easy…because it takes hard work and discipline…and if anybody suggests otherwise, my guess is that they are trying to seduce you into spending a lot of cash on their fantastic money making system!!

I am £30,000 poorer after falling for the hype. I hope you don’t fall for it like I did.

Trading with the ”smart money”

The Forex market is huge. It is 8 times bigger than the whole global stock market combined. Over $2 trillion of Forex is traded every day. Did you know that 10 banks control 80% of that $2 trillion?  The reason this is significant is that if 10 banks control the Forex market then it helps any ”would be” Forex trader to trade ”with” the banks.

Fortunately for me when I was re-learning how to trade my teacher, Anna, let me into a little known ”secret”……and it’s this….the banks ”follow” one particular indicator……and it is FREE on all trading platforms. I reveal it’s identity in my FREE book, so download the book if you want to know. When you put it on your charts and you see it in action I give you my word that you will be amazed at how the Forex markets suddenly STOP in their tracks when they approach this indicator.

I call it the ”bankers” indicator, for obvious reasons and you can see how I take advantage of it in my LIVE trading rooms, including my FREE trading rooms.

My other Forex trading indicators:

Apollo CSI Indicator

I created Apollo CSI (Currency Strength Indicator) because I have used various currency strength indicators before, but wanted one that showed more clearly when a currency is far from the ”mean price”, and none of the currency strength indicators or currency strength meters I had used in the past do this effectively enough. So I included a mathematical algorithm called ”geometric’ mean” in my own currency strength indicator. Apollo CSI is now helping me to get the most profitable results I have had in  8 years. You can also watch a video of how I use this indicator here:

When you subscribe to my trading room you get a FREE 8 day trial of Apollo!!!

You can trial Apollo at any time during your subscription. It doesn’t have to start when you initially subscribe. So you can watch how I use it first, then trial it when you are ready.

Terminus PCI Indicator

Another indicator I use is not ”magical” like the bankers indicator and Apollo, but I use it to help me spot the major areas of support & resistance. It saves me a lot of time. I call it Terminus PCI. PCI stands for ”Pivot Candle Indicator”. You can watch a video about it here:

Bollinger Bands

I use Bollinger bands in conjunction with Apollo CSI in my Forex ”Snap Back” Strategy. Bollinger bands on their own are very difficult to trade with, but used alongside Apollo CSI they help to show some fantastic trade set ups. I have a specific set up of two sets of Bollinger bands which I explain in my FREE LIVE trading rooms, so request a space in my next FREE room if you would like to know the settings. There is also some detail about how I use Bollinger bands in the FREE book.

The Forex ”Set & Forget Profit” System( = stress free trading in two hours a day)

When I developed my trading strategies I wanted to design a trading method that allowed me to trade part time, enabling me spend time doing the things I am passionate about such as my music and my trading rooms. To achieve that goal I created a ‘’take profit’’ system called ‘’Set & Forget’’.

With ‘’Set & Forget’’ I simply find a ”Snap Back” or ‘’Break & Bounce’’ or ”Rebound” trading opportunity, then I place a ‘’take profit’’ target and a ‘’stop loss’’ on the order.

So I  wait for the best trading opportunities to present themselves by waiting for the repeating price patterns, and when they do I use the ‘’Set & Forget’’ system so that I can close my account down and spend my time doing other things.

The key with ”Set & Forget” is that I don’t have to sit there staring at the computer screen waiting for the trade to end.

You can find out exactly how I use this system when you subscribe.

Members Live Forex Trading Room

Everything I do to make money is taught in my Members Live Forex Trading Rooms.

You can join any time of the month, the subscription lasts for a calendar month from when you join and with the one month subscription option you can cancel any time.

In the room I will show you:

Trading Success story…….It can be done!

If you need convincing that ‘’reading the charts’’ is the difference between stumbling along as an average trader, and becoming a consistently profitable trader then you only have to read this e mail from one of my subscribers:

Dear Mark

I have really enjoyed participating in the Training Rooms and have learnt a lot during that time.

I have been involved for over 4 months and feel the time has come to fly solo from here. My trading has become far more measured and consistent which in no small way is due to your guidance.

Many thanks and keep in touch

Best wishes

Peter Skinner  (Now a full time trader)

Peter joined my Forex trading rooms like most traders do, as a frustrated, but determined man. He stayed in the rooms for four months and he didn’t need me after that. The above e mail was actually his ‘’goodbye’’ e mail to me.

He is not financially independent yet…neither am I, but we can both now pick and choose what we do with our time, and having that ‘’time freedom’’ is an amazing feeling. I choose to trade for around two hours a day as I like to be involved in other activities, but Peter took what he learned and is now a FULL TIME trader.

So, just as I struggled for many years but then found the path to success, so has Peter….and so can you!

It CAN be done!

Members LIVE Forex Trading Room Times

I do three Members Forex Trading Rooms per week and they all last for 90 minutes. I have subscribers from all over the world so I vary the times of the trading rooms to give everybody a chance to attend at least one LIVE Trading Room per week.

Important Note: Video recordings of the Members LIVE Forex Trading Rooms.

I record ALL the Members LIVE Forex Trading Rooms and send a private link to my subscribers so that they can watch the rooms at their leisure.

So, no matter where you live you can now see ALL three Members Trading Rooms every week.

I live in the UK, so to accommodate everybody I do training rooms at the following times:

The bottom line is that if you cannot make any of them it doesn’t matter because you get the recorded videos of all three rooms every week…along with my track record spread sheet so that if you like you can check the times of the trades and fast forward to them in the videos

Try the FREE Trading Room….then decide

My guess is that you wouldn’t be looking at my website if you were not a little frustrated with your trading results. I understand that….because I spent 5 long years making no money at all. It is not a nice feeling, but if you are frustrated and you are here, that’s a great sign, because like me, you do not give up easily.

Whilst you may like what you have read so far and you may be encouraged by my story, I recognise that you may never had heard of me before, so you are bound to be a little sceptical. I would be. That’s why I run the FREE Forex Trading Rooms. Approximately oncer per month I open up a room so that anyone can see for real how I trade. I never make any wild claims that you can make money quickly and I always stress how much hard work and patience is required to use my trading method. I tell it as it is. No bull crap! So why not come along and then decide if my trading rooms are right for you?

The FREE Trading Rooms are exactly the same as the Members Trading Rooms. I trade in exactly the same way and demonstrate live trades with my three strategies. So you really do get a first hand experience of what you will get when you subscribe.

The only downside is that I usually only have time to do one, or sometimes two, FREE Trading Rooms per month. So if you don’t want to wait for the next one, especially if you have just missed the last one and may have to wait four weeks, then below you can see the costs for joining my rooms as a member today.

Live Forex Trading Room Members Subscription Options

Please note that although I use PayPal to take subscriptions you can also subscribe with a credit or debit card through PayPal.

So if you have a PayPal account you can use that, or you can go through the PayPal checkout and use your credit or debit card.

1. A 1 month subscription so that you can try the trading room out for a  month to see if it is for you.

2. A 3 month subscription, with a 20% discount. I recommend this option as it takes approximately three months to learn how to ”read the charts” the way I do.

Check out my competitors

Just before you look at my prices please do me a quick favor…..Google ”Live Forex Trading Room”, or just ”Forex Trading Room”…and look at the results on page one of Google. Check out the prices for Forex Trading Rooms and you will see that they average $200 per month. They are not cheap. I have priced my trading rooms so that I can fight back against what I consider to be extortionate pricing in this industry. Software is expensive, courses are expensive, and so are the live trading rooms. So please check out my competitors before you subscribe. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

One month subscription button below: You are not tied in and can cancel at any time.

One month subscription

Three month subscription button below with a 2o% discount. You are tied in for three months and can then cancel.

Three month subscription ( 26% discount)


My trading rooms are for educational and demonstration purposes only. They are not for people who want to ”copy” live trades. If that’s what you are looking for, please DO NOT subscribe. The sole intention of the trading rooms is to teach you how to ”read” the charts so that you can become an independently successful Forex trader, not reliant on anybody else, including me. I do not work for any company. I am just a guy who trades from home for a couple of hours a day. I am neither licensed nor registered to give you trading or investing advice. I am a chart reading educator. If you want to learn how to read the charts, SUBSCRIBE NOW, but if you believe the trading rooms are anything other than educational, please do not subscribe. The LAST thing I want to do is give the impression that many do in the Forex industry . I am not selling you the dream. Chart reading is hard work.If you are prepared for that, then my training is the right thing for you.

Here is the CFTC rule that I have to show by law:

CFTC Rule 4.41: Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not been executed, the results may have under or over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profit or losses similar to those shown.

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About Mark

Mark Boardman

Mark Boardman’s background is as a businessman. From 2003 until recently he ran his own businesses. He once had a business in the telecoms industry and more recently a ‘’business training’’ company. Now he ONLY trades part time, and runs his Forex Trading Rooms.

As an ex Sales & Marketing trainer he is passionate about ethical selling. He is the author of a bestselling sales book named The Cold Calling Secret, which he wrote when he ran his telecoms business. The book has remained the Number 1 bestselling book in the Telemarketing section of Amazon for many months.

His passion for ethical sales is one of the reasons he now runs LIVE Forex trading rooms. He is dismayed at the amount of mis-selling in the Forex industry and is determined to help as many Forex traders as he can to become independently successful and shielded from the questionable sales tactics used in the Forex marketplace.

He lives in the Manchester in the Northwest of England. He is 48 and has two grown up children. His third ‘’child’’ is his beloved Border Collie Dog called Spot. His interests and passions are:


  • Football ( soccer)
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • History ( in particular of war)
  • Forex trading
  • Marketing
  • Health & Fitness
  • Natural Supplements


  • Playing Guitar and writing songs…he wants to release an album in the next year
  • His kids
  • His partner Tracy
  • His dog Spot
  • Stopping the mis-selling in the Forex industry
  • Manchester City Football Club
  • 5 a side football ( soccer) which he plays twice a week

He can be contacted at any time by e mailing him at






















































































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