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Trend Indicator deal for subscribers


You are here because you are a trading room subscriber of mine and you have previously purchased the 4 Indicator Bundle for $141 or you have re-subscribed and may have some of the old indicators but want the two new Trend indicators.

The two new indicators are called MB Trend and MB Trend Strength. MB Trend replaced the Currency Bias indicator and MB Trend Strength is a completely new indicator. Neither of them are free. They cost $97 each. However they are free when the Support & Resistance indicator, which is now repriced, is purchased for $197.

So….if you purchased the 4 Indicator Bundle for $141 the link below allows you to get the two new indicators for the difference which is $56, meaning that you pay no more than anybody else for the two indicators.

If you have re-subscribed after a period away you can also get both indicators for $56 provided that you purchased at least one indicator in the past.

It is important to me that if and when I make any changes, nobody loses out, so this page is strictly for those that purchased the 4 Indicator Bundle at $141. Please do not share this page with anybody else.

There is no time limit on when you need to use this offer. I will be keeping this as a permanent page, so by all means watch the new videos on my website to see how I use the new indicators, or watch how I use them in the trading rooms, and when you are ready you can place an order for them.

Please also download this important document regarding my in indicators. Once you have ordered below you will need to send me your MT4 Login number. This document talks about that plus some other important information and links.

MB Forex Indicators

The password for the download is TREND

Here is the PayPal button to get the two indicators.

MB Trend + MB Trend Strength offer = $56












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