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Special pricing for returning subscribers


this private web page is only for my returning subscribers. If you have subscribed to my Trading Room service before please SAVE THIS PAGE AS A FAVORITE as you may want to re-subscribe at some time in the future.

If you are not an ex-subscriber and have not arrived at this page without prior arrangement with me please do not use any of the discounted subscriptions below.



Below are discounted rates for returning subscribers. They are the rates that I offer once per month in my Free Trading Rooms, however, if you are a returning subscriber you can  and re-subscribe at any time using the PayPal buttons below.

If you intend to use a different PayPal email address than the one you used when you last subscribed please email me first to let me know before you subscribe, so that I can see that you are indeed and ex-subscriber….thanks.

If you are on this page because there has been a slight hiccup with your current subscription( for example you may have changed your PayPal bank card and therefore your recent subscription has not processed) then please re-subscribe for the appropriate period. e.g If you were on a 6 month subscription with one month left, then you can re-subscribe for one month…or you can extend your subscription by subscribing for 3 or 6 months again….it’s up to you. Please re-subscribe ASAP. I can then include you back in the subscriber email list so that you don’t miss any trading rooms or other important messages I send out.


One month subscription below ( discounted by 30% from $97 to $67): You are not tied in and can cancel at any time.

One month subscription discounted 30%

Three month subscription below ( discounted by an additional 25% from $77 to $57). You are tied in for three months.

Three month subscription ( 25% discount)

Six month subscription below ( discounted by an additional 30% from $67 to $47 )You are tied in for six months.

Trading Room Six month subscription (30% discount)





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