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Thanks for ordering Apollo

Hi and thanks for ordering my Apollo Currency Strength Meter.

You will receive everything you need to get going with the indicator in the next 24 to 48 hours.

I am very confident that Apollo will help you enormously with your Forex trading.

Please watch the video below…this is very important. It explain what needs to happen next so that I can get you up and running with Apollo.

Please note that if you ”right click” on this video you can then copy the URL and save the video for later viewing.

So…hopefully, now you have watched the video and you can now send me your MT4 Login number.

Remember…I ONLY need your Login number. I do NOT need your password. I don’t even need to know the name of your platform…I just need the Login number so that I can generate a security key that is unique to you.

The video above explains how to install Apollo on your MT platform. It is a very simple process, however if you have any issues please e mail me at:

PLEASE do me a huge favor and e mail in about one or two months to let me know how you are doing and how you are using it.

I promise never to mention your name on my website. I am only interested in the way you use the indicator.

So please e mail me soon with some feedback.

Thanks again for ordering Apollo and good luck.


Mark Boardman



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