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Video test 2

Introduction video (private page)

This is a private web page and must only be accessed by those that have registered for access to my Forex Trading Room.

Please ensure that you watch ALL of this video before you either attend the Forex Trading Room, or watch the video recording of the Forex Trading Room which will be made available to you on a separate private page shortly after the trading room has taken place.

The trading room itself and the 4 Step System that I use will make more sense once you have watched this video.

It is a long video but there are also some training elements in it. For example, I reveal the winning percentage of most professional traders.

You have a limited amount of time to watch this video so please watch it in the next few days if you can.

Thanks for watching it and I may see you in the trading room if you can make it.


Mark Boardman

Mark Boardman’s Forex Trading Room Introduction video

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